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i cant fucking do anything right. i mean im so dumb not to realize a fucking word is misspelled and then i get my fucking head bit off because i thought really was a fucking word. come on now i know im fucking retarded but you dont have to fusking remind me about it every day. i mispell words everyday people mistake for diffrent words. i dont fucking understand why im such a fucked up looser and everyone has to remind me of it every day.
To everyone i have ever pissed off
im sorry im such a fuck up
and im sorry im never right
im sorry you have to deal with me.
please remind me of it every day
pleas tell how fucked up i am
please tell me how stupid i am
please bite my head off because my stupidy

and last of all please shoot me in my goddamn head so i can't be so fucking retarded anymore.
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